First you need to sign up for the program at:

You will be emailed logins which you will use to log into your affiliate account at:

In order for a sale to track to your affiliate account a cookie must be set on the web hosting buyer’s computer just prior to their purchase of hosting service with us here. In order to do this the potential customer must either click on your affiliate link (which can be imbedded into an image or text link) or they can copy and paste your affiliate tracking code into a browser. ****PLEASE NOTE THIS MUST BE DONE JUST PRIOR TO THEIR HOSTING PURCHASE SO THAT YOU ENSURE THAT THE LAST COOKIE SET WAS YOURS AND NOT SOME OTHER AFFILIATE’S COOKIE, TO ENSURE YOU RECEIVE CREDIT FOR THE SALE.

Once you have logged into your affiliate, look at the top of the page and you will see:

Your affiliate url:

You will not see “YOUR-USERNAME” at the end of that tracking link, you will see your actual username to the affiliate program. This is your tracking link which you want the potential customer to click on or to copy and paste into a browser.

You can find out when you get paid at this FAQ:

You can learn how to redirect your visitors to other areas of our web site like our Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, VPS or Canadian Hosting pages by reading this FAQ:

Thank you for joining the GreenGeeks affiliate program.


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