This tutorial details how to setup your GreenGeeks email using Mac Mail.

Step 1: Open Preferences Menu


Step 2: Create New Account


Step 3: Enter Account Information


Step 4: Enter Incoming Mail Server Information


Step 5: Click Continue


Information on this page can remain the same. SSL should remain unchecked and authentication should be password.

Step 7: Enter Outgoing Mail Server Information


Enter the outgoing mail server information. Use authentication should be checked, and you should use the email address and password as the login crdentials.

Step 8: Click Continue


Step 9: Click Create


Step 10: Update outgoing mail server port


Go back to the account page and click “Edit SMTP server list” Update the outgoing mail server port to be port 26 and click OK.


  1. Rob

    The instructions for MAC Mail setup are out of date. A number of the dialog boxes are now different. We can not use these. Can you please get us an update?

    Thanks – Rob

  2. Karl - GreenGeeks

    Thanks. I’ve alerted the team that is responsible and they’ll be investigating and updating if required.

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