What is ID Protect?
ID Protect is a service that hides your private information from being displayed publicly in a global database that is frequently used by spammers and data miners to bombard unprotected people with unsolicited advertisements and scams. ID Protect can be used on any domain registration from one of the following TLDs: COM, NET, ORG, INFO, BIZ, PRO, TV, CC, ME, ASIA, CM

Why Purchase ID Protect?
Every domain registration is required to have accurate contact information (WHOIS data) associated with it.  Data miners crawl the public WHOIS database for this information and sell it to marketing firms and advertising agencies, which can result in both spam and junk mail to your home.  ID Protect hides your accurate contact information and stores it in a secure location, protecting your personal information without risking the suspension of the domain’s registration.

How does it work?
ID Protect takes your unprotected, personal information and shields it from the public so that they only see the anonymous information:idprotect

How much is it?
GreenGeeks currently offers ID Protect for $9.95/year and can be purchase during or after registration/transfer of your domain name.

How do I purchase ID Protect?
In order to purchase ID Protection, either select the service during your signup or contact our sales department at sales@greengeeks.com. Please note ID Protection is a non refundable service.


  1. April Miller

    I would like to add on ID protect for $9.95 but I can’t find a location on your website to set this up. I already paid for my domain/web site yesterday.

    thank you

  2. Karl - GreenGeeks

    You’ll need to get in touch with our support team, they’ll be more than happy to add this onto your domain name for you.

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